American Hasi Forage Films

American Hasi, 2018

A part-time Indian-American comedian in the US sees an opportunity to fast track his career in India or else accept that comedy may just be a hobby.  

The Home Team, 2018

On the outskirts of Atlanta’s behemoth new Mercedes-Benz Stadium sit two neglected, yet historically important neighborhoods. As gentrification ripples through the area, residents grapple with the future of their neighborhood.


Power Lines, 2018

Most Georgia Power customers have no idea they continue to fund the nuclear expansion of Plant Vogtle, a project 5 years behind schedule, $13 billion over budget, and teetering on the edge of health and environmental disaster.

People and Pipelines, 2018

Facing the imminent construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Virginia resident, Richard Averitt fights to defend his home from the utter havoc the construction will have on his land and his community.

The Temple Bombing, 2016

In 1968 Atlanta’s oldest Jewish synagogue was bombed by white supremacists as a threat to Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, who used his pulpit to speak out for Civil Rights.